The Studio is Open

In-person classes and sessions are available by appointment for fully-vaccinated clients.

Please wear a mask and sanitize your hands before entering the studio. Once you are settled on your mat/reformer, you may remove your mask, if deisred.

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QiGong Classes

Want less stress and more energy? QiGong combines the benefits of exercise, stretching, and meditation in oneĀ practice!

MON 4:00 pm - Zoom QiGong

TUE 5:30 pm - In-Studio QiGong

THU 12:15 pm - Zoom QiGong

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Beautiful New Location!

The studio is now located in the American Legion building next to Capitol Lake at 219 Legion WY SW, Suite 202. This is a secure building. Please sign up for a class to receive a door code.

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In-studio, and Zoom group classes!

Group Class Offerings

  • Mat Pilates
    • TUE 4:30 pm - Studio
    • WED 4:30 pm - Studio
  • Barre Pilates
    • MON 5:30 pm - Studio
    • THU 4:30 pm - Studio
  • QiGong
    • MON 4:00 pm - Zoom
    • TUE 5:30 pm - Studio
    • THU 12:15 pm - Zoom

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