Group Zoom Classes

Online Mat Pilates and QiGong Classes by donation available now!

Private Sessions

Private sessions are available by appointment for fully-vaccinated clients.

Apparatus Pilates

Semi-Private sessions (2-5 clients) are available by appointment for fully-vaccinated clients.


Zoom Pilates Mat & QiGong classes by donation available now!

Online QiGong (Up to 25 clients)

QiGong is an ancient Chinese mindful movement practice that is simple and easy to learn. People of any age or fitness level can benefit. Movements are done standing up with no props or equipment needed.

• Lower Stress
• Lift Mood
• Improve Sleep
• Activate Healing Energy
• Reduce Pain
• Boost Immune System


  • Monday 4:15 pm
  • Wednesday 5:15 pm

QiGong is currently offered by donation. Call/text 360-556-4620 or email to sign up.

Online Mat Pilates (Up to 25 clients)

Mat classes incorporate fun props like thera-bands, magic circles, stability balls, foam rollers, and arm and leg springs for a different experience at every class!

Mat Pilates

  • Tuesday & Thursday 5:30 pm

Barre Pilates (Currently on hiatus)

This class features a cardio warm up, hand weights for upper body sculpting, standing work at the ballet barre for lower body toning, and Pilates mat work for core strengthening.

Barre Pilates

  • New Schedule Coming Soon!

Pilates Apparatus

Reformer (1-5 clients)

Apparatus sessions on the Pilates reformer use springs for resistance to build  core strength and help develop long, lean muscles for a sleeker silhouette. The variations are endless!

Jumpboard (1-5 clients)

Keep your joints healthy with a cardio workout you can do lying down! The jumpboard attachment turns the Reformer into a horizontal jumping machine with even lower impact than a trampoline.

Apparatus sessions are by appointment for fully vaccinated clients. Call/text 360-556-4620 or email to schedule

Current openings:

  • Tuesday 11:00 AM Semi-Private Jumpboard
  • Wednesday 7:00 AM Semi-Private Reformer (starts in June)
  • Coming Soon - Monday & Wednesdy 5:30 PM Semi-Private Reformer
  • Coming Soon - Tuesday & Thursday 3:30 PM Semi-Private Reformer

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